Project Details

Vitali Gelwich

Nike Zenvy Collection

January 23

Vitali Gelwich captures the essence of Nike's Zenvy collection, showcasing a diverse cast of athletes, dancers, and Olympians. Together, they breathe life into the visuals, emphasising the inherent sense of movement and strength synonymous with the product line.

  • Tunde Oyeneyin, Edwige Ahonto, Rowen Aida,Kirsty Godso, Lauren Schramm, Aurelie Louis-Alexandre, Kia Islam, Miranda Chambers,Leejung Lee,Hopi Sophie,Yerim Kim,Jessica He, Ameera Aywa


  • Hanna Kelifa


  • Amidat Giwa & Anna Im


  • Rebecca Wordingham & Suyeon Park

    Makeup Artist

  • Phoebe Shakespeare

    Set Designer

  • Ida May

    Movement Director