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INK Focus - Kyle Weeks "Good News"

In his latest book exhibition and project ‘Good News’ Kyle Weeks is celebrating and paying tribute to Ghanaian youth culture in the midst of a creative renaissance.

The collection of 66 photographs; captured over 6 years and more than 15 trips - is an empowering celebration the impeccable taste and infectious spirit of the country's defiant youth.

The project has been a real labour of love and has spanned almost the entirety of our time working together with Kyle. Our contribution to Kyle’s process involved working on cleaning the scans, some basic cosmetic retouching as well as colour grading the handprints expertly crafted by Michael Mckenzie at Hammer Labs, London.

Since its launch in Marseille at the Huis Museum, the project has travelled to Paris, Amsterdam and London. 

The book, self-published in a limited edition of 400 numbered copies is available via the link below. 


Learn more about Good News here.

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