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INK Focus - Charlotte Rutherford for Michaela Stark

Michaela Stark presented her “Panty Show” in collaboration with photographer Charlotte Rutherford during Milan latest Fashion Week.

© Fondazione Sozzani

© Fondazione Sozzani

© Fondazione Sozzani

Charlotte Rutherford is a boundary-pushing photographer renowned for her vibrant and unconventional style. Her work explores themes of femininity, body positivity, and pop culture, challenging societal norms with a blend of humor and surrealism. Rutherford's imagery exudes energy, featuring bold colors, playful compositions, and diverse subjects.

Australian Designer, Michaela Stark and Charlotte Rutherford are continuing to forge their dynamic collaboration. Their latest work together, The Panty Show was launched at the Fondazione Sozzani in Milan of February this year. Hosted by Carla Sozzani and Sara Sozzani Maino. The exhibition is a hyper feminine and playful, three-part artistic expression that comprises an exhibition, performance, and presentation of her latest collection. Showcasing Stark’s journey from experimenting with draping in her Paris apartment, to finding liberation through fashion.

Working alongside Charlotte Rutherford, Stark remarks on the photographer’s ability to see the fantasy in everyone who steps in front of her camera and capture their unique energy as well as to foster an environment where everyone can act with agency over their body’s representation. The series of images represents the final act of The Panty show, showcasing a series of lingerie-esque garments. Stark created ten sculptured pieces made out of tulle, using couture corsetry techniques and crinoline to give structure.

In their continued collaborative endeavor, Stark and Rutherford epitomise how synergy can bridge the realms of tradition and innovation in fashion, rendering it more dynamic and inclusive.