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INK Focus - B Corp

INK is part of the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system.

We are proud to announce that INK has achieved B Corp™️ certification, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future. It’s an honour to be joining the 7000+ companies committed to having a positive impact and making a lasting change in business and culture. 

Achieving certification with a score of 96.5 demonstrates our pledge towards exemplary working practices. As we enter this new chapter, our focus will be on maintaining our dedication to finding new ways to weave sustainability and community into every facet of our work.

Established in 2017, we champion diverse representation, driving positive social and environmental change, nurturing emerging talent and fostering creative collaboration. We believe in equal opportunity for all in our workplace and our team is comprised of people from varied backgrounds, perspectives and identities.

Always mindful of upholding our social responsibility, working with Mentoring Matters we are able to engage and provide guidance to enterprising local young people from Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic backgrounds. Our sponsorship of the Palm* Photo Prize enables us to demonstrate our commitment to emerging talent and in supporting ‘Dust-Off’, a charity print sale, we helped raise £66k for the charity War-Child.

We will continue to seek innovative ways to create beneficial impact within our field, always being mindful of contributing positively to our industry's future and the well-being of the planet, whilst pushing the boundaries of what a responsible business can achieve. 

We will be a Force for Good™ in a brighter, more conscientious tomorrow.